The challenge of familiarizing personal services is implemented through new methods of hospitality addressed to families in a structured system, as globally defined as family-friendly, characterized by actions and activities that combine a strong motivation for action with high levels of professionalism and management of organizational complexity.

In Italy there are already regions that have developed these policies, interventions and networks for family support including Trentino, Piedmont, Campania and Apulia. In these regions there are policies that include standards, structures, trained staff, places, events that fully fit into what is called the "family-friendly brand" but also includes actions to facilitate families both in everyday life and in particular life or work relationship, in the expression that is often associated with restaurants, holidays, recreational-cultural activities such as libraries and museums.

In Umbria For Family project, which will be illustrated on this website and with dedicated social channels, two areas are highlighted: one concerning the promotion of an Umbria that wants to become Family Friendly with tourist offers and attractions for families, and the other area is the creation of a network consists of hotels that will adapt their company to family standards.

Umbria For Family also aims to become a platform and a community made up of families, partners, associations and hotels that work together to promote cultural and sporting events suitable for all ages. A space that answers the typical questions: where do I take the children on Sunday? Where do I go on vacation with a newborn baby? Which museum has guided tours for children? What facilities have family facilities, weekend family offers, all in one site? This is Umbria For Family, a place around the family, for the family.


Family-Friendly Hotels in Umbria

Hotel Corso

Orvieto (TR)

Hotel Umbria

Attigliano (TR)

Hotel Il Palazzo

Assisi (PG)