The farm was founded in 1985 when Rita returned to live in Valnerina and with her husband decided to cultivate the family’s land in their free time.

The farmhouse was born later, in 2011 it lies on the banks of the Nera river and it is the natural slope of the fortified town of Castel San Felice, overlooking it. Adjacent to the Benedictine abbey and the Romanesque Spoletino church of San Felice and at the foot of Mount Coscerno, it is completely integrated into the reality of the Valnerina, an impetuous and wild territory, colorful, rich in history and traditions, the result of a lively population, present and active. Immediately afterwards, some of activities and services were added, such as Educational Farm and Bike / ebike rental, even if here we never stop innovating and creating new experiences.

We have always believed that human needs can and must be in synergy with those of nature, of the environment in which we live; living in harmony with nature, dedication to agricultural work, the knowledge and gratitude of the traditions and the effort that our ancestors passed on to us, the attention to healthy living with a correct diet and with the right times of reflection are the values ​​in which this family believed and which they want to convey to the guests of the farm and to all those who wish to share this experience with them.

Visits to the farm and laboratory activities, for the little ones, but also for adults, can be divided into half a day or a full day.

Activities such as “Magic adventure in the fairy forest”, “The garden and its wonders”, “La folletta Gina” for the little ones, while for the older children we organize courses of recognition of edible wild herbs and subsequent tasting and much more. .

The Valnerina cycling station completes the offer of our accommodation with a park of about 50 bikes, from small to large to e-bikes. We are located in a place, between the former Spoleto-Norcia railway and the Green-Way del Nera (up to the Marmore Falls), where the combination of bike and nature is perfect, with routes suitable for every type of person and where you can ride in complete safety being cycle paths or cycle paths. Activities related to the structure: Rafting, walks with donkeys and more.

Among the experiences proposed for example:


Length: 24 km

Difference in altitude: 90 mt

Moving time: 2h / 3h

Retracing the route where the old train passed, the cycle path passes along the Nera river, immersed in the greenery of the Valnerina.


Length: 30 km

Difference in altitude: 300 mt

Moving time: 3h / 4h

This slightly more demanding route goes along the old Romanesque and medieval road that reached Terni. Along this route you can visit various villages, including Scheggino, Ceselli to get to Ferentillo and then return.

Groups can be accompanied by expert and certified guides of the ITALIAN CYCLING FEDERATION, or they can rent bikes and go independently. Bikes or e-bikes can be rented on site. Guided excursions are organized according to the level of difficulty, as well as private MTB lessons for both children and adults, thanks to a FEDERATION technician present in the structure. Each tour can be accompanied by a tasting of company products or a picnic basket to take with you.

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