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The story of the farm is a story of passion for the land and animals, a passion that has been cultivated for three generations, and that today we want to pass on to our guests, from the youngest to the oldest.

We are located in the municipality of Narni, set on a hillock among the gentle Umbrian hills, with a privileged point of view on the suggestive Narni and its Fortress, on boundless sown fields, on lush vineyards and calm lakes.

In 2013 we decided to strengthen the farm’s activities, and so we embarked on the educational farm project. La Collina Incantata was created for young people, so that they can approach the countryside and ancient traditions, to introduce them to the satisfactions and sacrifices of peasant life, to teach them respect for nature and seasonality, so that they can discover the genuine beauty of a vegetable garden and can be amazed by the perfection of a sprout.

Among the experiences proposed for example:


Length: 20 km

Difference in altitude: 300 mt

Moving time: 2h

The geographical center of peninsular Italy is a magical place!

Immersed in a forest of oaks and holm oaks, the center has been identified right next to one of the best preserved Roman bridges in Narni, “Ponte Cardona”, a work over 2000 years old.


Length: 18 km

Difference in height: 50 mt

Moving time: 2h

Points of interest on this tour are:

– the tiny hamlet of Stifone along the left bank of the Nera river, where you can still see the port of ancient Narnia, used since Roman times for the transport of timber and foodstuffs from Umbria to Rome;

– the cycle path of the Gole del Nera, built along the old railway line in the Rome-Ancona section;

– the Augustus Bridge, a masterpiece of Roman architecture.

The groups are accompanied by expert and certified guides, and it is possible to use your own bike or rent classic or electric bike on site.

We also offer organized tours, based on appropriate level of difficulty for the group, as well as private MTB lessons for both – children and adults.

Each tour can be accompanied by a tasting of the farm’s products or a picnic basket to take with you.

The Farm offers also the possibility of making bread or biscuit preparation workshops, with a minimum number of 3 children.

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